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We strive to nurture Learners with creative ability to their full potential to be creators, problem solvers and leaders, for a better world.

Northern Uganda, especially the Acholi sub-region, recovering from over two decades of conflict, faces a huge education crisis. The current traditional education system falls short of nurturing the human resources with the skill sets, values, and exposure required to meet the needs of this dynamic recovering society. Currently, the region experiences an 80% unemployment rate and a 67% poverty rate, according to UNPA (2022). As Wokober, we believe that for society to emerge from this deep pit, we need a generation of Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders who are well-exposed, empowered, and anchored in core values, to not only thrive in this dynamic world but, more importantly, to directly participate in uplifting and accelerating the growth of their communities. That's why we are pioneering the Wokober Learning Approach, an alternative creative learning approach that leverages the uncultivated uniqueness of toy-making, aimed at nurturing creativity, innovation, self-development, and leadership.

Our Mission

Elevating human experience through innovative designs, captivating storytelling and transformative education.

Our Vision

Ingenious creation at the core of our being for a better world.

Our Values

Ingenuity, Daring, Excellence, Accountability, Social impact.

Meet the team


Ben Wokorach

Founder & General Team Leader


Paul Kagga

Team Lead - Wokober Toy Festival


Opiyo Morris Ester

Team Lead - Learning & Mentorship Program


Ahwera Rabwon

Facilitator Learning & Mentorship program


Bongomin Innocent

Facilitator Toy Festival


Achiro Monica

Facilitator Toy Festival


Chuwi James

Facilitator, Learning & Mentorship program


Grace Atamba

Facilitator Toy Festival

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This journey of discovery and mentorship of underprivileged children with great potentials within underserved communities of war stricken Northern Uganda, needs as many hands as possible in efforts to multiply the impact of our programs on the lives of the children and communities we serve.

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